R5 Alpine camshaft / Natural inspired Renault 5 Alpine


R5 Alpine Camshaft

After 18 month of study, Mespiecesauto manufacture a new series of R5 Alpine camshaft

As a result of our studies and archives we have create a casting tool in order to use same process as Renault did. The heat treatment is realised when we cast and not later ! That's a crucial thing to get a reliable camshaft on R5. A correct heat treatment cant be get other way. The cams and journal bearing are not made of same material, that's due to the heat treatment modification

Hardness on surface and into the heart are different. Thats a result of complicated process of cooling cams faster

Material is exactely the same as Renault specification was. It's also a very important criteria to respect, friction coefficient, and tappet's material too

Camshaft is not sold with distributor pinion. An urban legend said that's camshaft was paired with pinion...that's fake ! With our camshaft you have to use OEM pinion. Only OEM manufature are correct on the market. Aftermarket pinion are made with uncorrect process and the result is catastrophic issue
The oem process of pinion casting is the same as camshaft and tappet. Don't mess around it, hardness, material, process have to be respected

You can see in the galery some screenshot from electronic microscope of the heart of a cam. We clearly see these 2 material which composed the cam

Profil and lift are OEM specification


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