Renault 5 - R4 Camshaft bearing - Journal bearing 7700512850 7705010014


Mespiecesauto manufacture in exclusivity this camshaft bearing which fits Cleon Renault 5 Alpine and R5 Alpine turbo engine

The oem part number of this journal bearing is 7700512850 / 7705010014

We have follow the OEM specification documents : material, dimensions
Contrary to some urban legend Renault never sold bronze journal bearing Renault n’a jamais fourni de bagues bronze.
Bronze cant allowed that kind of sliding speed, that why Renault used conrod bearing material type
d’où l’utilisation d’un matériau proche d’un coussinet de bielle
All OEM camshaft bush is engraved with Fm ( Federal Mogul), and have to be deliver in OEM packaging

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