Renault 5 Alpine tappet / R5 Turbo tappet 6001002128 / 7700690122


R5 Turbo Tappet / R5 Alpine Tappet / R5 Alpine Turbo tappet

Exclusive Mespiecesauto had manufactured a new series of tappet with Renault specification
Thanks to original specification we can manufacture a real and reliable tappet which fits "Cleon fonte" engine
The material of tappet is really specific, and casting process is very complexe. Heat treatment is done at same time than casting, likethe camshaft.
Hardness is more than 40 HRC

Material has been chosen after a lot of experience, and tribological test with the camshaft. Renault spend many times with it
To respect these specifications is more than important

In order to be sure of the quality of our production we made 3 type of analysis :
- Structure analysis
-Chemical composition
-Hardness test

First picture of gallery is raw tappet, second picture is finished product

Price is for a set of 8 pcs including delivery to France

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