Clio Williams repair kit - F7R - Seal - segment - bushing - screw


This kit is intended for upgrading your engine block F7R – Clio Williams – Megane – Spider

This one understands: a supercomplete seal pouch, i.e. the set of the top and bottom joints motor
A specific complete segment set, including a 3-part scraper (see description below)
A set of Trimetallic pad standard SAE794 (Trimetal standard as the original, because the bearings of the 2.0 are well trimetallic)
For the question of the lugs CF plus not
A set of head screws-Origin classification

The segment game is one of our manufactures, by an OEM first assembles, the scraper segment in 3 parts allows to better absorb the deformations cylinders (ovalization in particular) this is often why it is called U-Flex, while the rigid segment Of origin cannot properly marry the shape of the cylinder.

As far as the lugs are, the urban legend would like a no-lug pad to rotate, we invite you to read Our article about it (bottom of the article).
The ergot is actually a radial positioning mark of the pad, which holds the pad is the conformity of the Bielle head.
Loose-screw screws or an oval or non-conforming head housing (+ 2/100) = a rotating bearing.

The torques and bolt angles are made with original screws, this one must be tightened in the area called "plastic" definitive deformation of the screw hence the pre-tightening and angular tightening. Putting industrial screws (12.9 or other) is equivalent to tightening these screws in the elastic area which does not conform to the need of the block and not recommend. There is no advantage in using screws other than the original, even on Turbo engine uses the screws are fully usable up to very high pressure.



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